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6th February 2018

The Birthday Treat

Our lovely supporter Gurvinder Patara has a series of books that follow the Day family and their adventures as they celebrate various events and days out throughout the year.

The proceeds from his latest publication ‘The Birthday Treat’ will be given to When You Wish Upon a Star. The book is written in a rhyming style which is a proven technique to help a child's reading development.

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Follow the Day family as they go the zoo for Danny's birthday treat because he just loves animals. Their adventure begins as Danny counts down the days to his birthday and the head to the zoo. At the zoo they see lots of different animals, including monkeys, elephants, giraffes, zebras and lions and enjoy a great picnic. Then they head home for Danny's birthday party where he's joined by his grandparents and he opens his presents and blows out the candles on his special animal themed cake, baked by his Mum.

To buy this book, for only £5.99, please click Here