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19th January 2021

Conquer your clutter and raise money to grant Wishes!

Help grant a Wish to a child with a life-threatening illness – simply by getting rid of your unwanted clutter!

Through Ziffit, you can raise money without leaving your home! You simply scan the barcodes on your unwanted books and media through the Ziffit app or enter the details manually on the Ziffit website to get a cash value. You can then pass the money, via Virgin Money Giving, directly to When You Wish Upon a Star! Also, if you are a UK taxpayer, your donation can be bolstered by an additional 25% in Gift Aid too! The service is completely free and goods can be collected safely by Ziffit’s free courier service.

By clearing out your unwanted clutter, you can grant a Wish to a child and their family, bringing them laughter and magic in some of their most difficult moments.

Visit the Ziffit website here for more information: