16th September 2014

Isobel’s Wish

Isobel’s wish was to swim with a dolphin and visit Bush Gardens in Florida, so it was such a pleasure being able to surprise Isobel in making her Wish come true.


There was just one more little surprise that lay in-store, what Isobel didn’t know, was that her family had extended their holiday themselves to take Isobel on another very special journey, which was a road trip to New York.

A lovely letter from Isobel to the Wish Team

Hi Sam, Florida, all of it was absolutely amazing! Honestly, we loved it all, i've been asked so much since I got back what my favourite part was and I honestly don't have one because it was all so great. Mum didn't particularly enjoy the theme parks as she just got loped with our bags the majority of the time while we went on every ride going! Just like your recommendation promise, Busch Gardens was all of our favourite. Cheetah is now officially my favourite ride of all time, we went on it five times in total I think? Sheikra was amazing too but I think the pure speed of cheetah makes it better personally. Florida really does have some amazing rides! We also went on the Serengeti safari they have which cost a bit extra but was really good and we got some unclose and personal time with our giraffe Molly. On the Tuesday we went to discovery cove as planned, it was so peaceful and amazing! I spent most of my time in the coral reef because it really is spectacular, the only thing I could fault were the amount of people swimming in to the photos I was trying to take! At about 1pm we went to do our dolphin swim with the very lovely Latoya! I went all giggly and childish when we were in the water with them like child in a candy store! We got to kiss her, stroke her, do tricks with her and finally swim with her which was all.... well there isn't even really a word for it, beyond amazing! I was just really disappointed with how quickly it was over and even asked the instructor what I had to do to get her job because I loved it so much! In the evenings a couple of times we went to a really cute walt disney inspired town called celebration half an hour away from the villa. It had a short but pretty walk around the lake, a few nice places to eat and by far the best ice cream shop i have ever been to, I could eat buckets of the stuff I honestly could! It's really nice without having the cheesiness of the actual Disney parks and I definitely would recommend it to anyone else who goes on their wish to Florida! Tell them to eat at the tavern for a cheap but cheerful food and atmosphere and to order salted caramel at Kilwins, its to die for. Please can you do me a favour and make sure everyone at Wish Upon A Star knows how great full I am, it was and probably always will be the best holiday of my life and we have some great memories and stories to share now. Thankyou all so much! I can't thank you enough! Love Issy :) x