11th February 2016

Alicia's Wish

Alicia who suffers with the condition Cystic Fibrosis, has always dreamt of singing in front of Simon and when that opportunity came around Alicia jumped at the invitation.

Alicia, along with her little sister Florence, mum and dad were picked up from their home in Derby by a chauffeur driven car early on Saturday morning, and driven to the Richmond Hotel in Liverpool for the start of their very exciting and fun filled weekend.

Arriving at the hotel Alicia was greeted by Sam our Wish Fairy, who was eagerly waiting to escort them to the Theatre, but not before they had checked into their suite and had a scrummy slap up lunch! Upon arrival at the Theatre the audience had been seated and the judges arrived with make-up touched up, and noses powdered. The auditions began...

Alicia was so excited and a little bit nervous as she sat watching all the acts auditioning before her,  knowing it would be her turn very soon. The time had come and Alicia was invited up to where Simon sits and judges the acts from his chair on the stage. 

Alicia, as cool as cucumber and as cute as a button, chatted away to Simon like they had known each other for ever. Simon asked Alicia if she wanted to sing and without hesitation off Alicia went…

However, sadly due to her condition, Alicia had recently spent many weeks in hospital fighting a very aggressive bug. The medication she now had to take daily to keep fighting off the infection had badly interfered with her vocal chords, and meant that today of all days, her normally huge belty voice was at times a very croaky little one.

Undeterred, Alicia powered on and sang a beautiful rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow just for Simon. As the audience let out gasp’s and awww’s and huge applause, Simon smitten with Alicia, invited her to come and audition again once she was fully recovered.

Alicia’s Wish didn’t end there and after a fabulous night’s sleep and a big hearty breakfast, Alicia and her family spent the day at Liverpool One, where Alicia shopped until she dropped with the surprise shopping vouchers she had also been given in her Wish, before being picked up in style by her chauffeur driven car and driven back home to Derby.

 Alicia Simon Cowell Wish