20th September 2019

Peak District Challenge

The Peak District Challenge is a picturesque trekking challenge.

Offering five levels of physical exertion for hill walkers and runners.


10km (Back before Dark), then 25km (Copper), 50km (Bronze), 75km (Silver) or 100km (Gold Ultra).

Each distance has a target time to try to beat, from a manageable 3 hours to walk 10km and be Back Before Dark, up to a huge 24 hour target to complete the 100km Gold Ultra Challenge.  


The routes all start at Hathersage and are anticlockwise loops.

The Back Before Dark 10km follows the pink line to Shatton and back.

The Copper 25km Challenge follows the red line anticlockwise from Hathersage to Baslow.

The Bronze 50km Challenge follows the orange line on this map past Castleton

then Tideswell and Baslow.

The Silver 75km Challenge takes the silver route shown, covering large distances over relatively less hilly terrain.

The Gold Ultra 100km Challenge follows mainly the outermost route, following the yellow line shown above between checkpoints. It's the longest and steepest route.

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