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2nd October 2020

Here's to the NEXT 30 years !!

⭐We hope everyone has enjoyed seeing & hearing about our Wish granting work over the last 30 years!⭐

We leave our final 30th birthday post to our Founder, Fairy Godmother and let’s be honest the most amazing lady who shares her own birthday with her charity! 

Barbara we hope you had a wonderful Birthday week! We are honoured to be part of your mission and goal to bring smiles to our amazing Wish Children and their families across the UK 

You should be so proud of what you have achieved over 30 years..

Here's to the next 30 !!

Barabar White

“WOW! What an amazing and emotional 2 weeks we have had with the 30th celebrations!

All the hard work put in by staff and volunteers preparing and delivering our Wish boxes to our very special children. The logistics companies, our sponsors and all those who donated items for our Wish Children, thank you!

All the memories from as far back as the beginning with a lot of children we have loved and lost. 

Thank you to those families of our sleeping children who allowed me to share their precious memories of their Wish, gone but certainly not forgotten. 

Reflecting over the last 30 years has given us all a moment of brightness in these dark times with COVID-19 affecting everyone. I’m so proud of everyone past and present because without you my dream would have ended.

I sincerely thank everyone involved.

Wishing everyone a better 2021 and hopefully to many more Wishes to come"✨