24th April 2024

Jon White shares his London Marathon Fundraising Journey

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The 2024 London Marathon is done but the memories and legacy of its achievements live on, we caught up with Jon White to delve into his heartfelt journey of fundraising and uncover why the event held such profound significance for him. 

Q. What inspired you to run a marathon to raise money for charity? 

A. I have wanted to do something to help out my auntie Barbara's charity for a long while, I raised a small amount at a work Christmas raffle but I felt I could do more, due to work commitments I couldn't make the great north run so when she offered the London Marathon I jumped at the chance to help out and do something that would be a once a lifetime event. 

Q. Can you tell us why When You Wish Upon a Star is meaningful to you?

A. Of course my auntie Barbara who founded the charity so it is very important and close to my heart. 

Q. How did you prepare for the marathon both physically and mentally?

A. I have been training physically for over 6 months, long hard runs at home in France and the Treadmill at work (I work at sea on a boat for an oil and gas company) the treadmill runs were particularly difficult especially ones that were 3+hrs I found a good movie helped.  

Q. What was the most challenging part of the marathon for you?

A. I had some issues with my right knee in the training up to it, after a sports massage before and some support tape I felt good, but around mile 18 the tape started to peel off and the knee was sore, from then on it was a walk/run to the Finish.   

Q. Did you encounter any unexpected obstacles during the race, and how did you overcome them? 

A. The knee was the only obstacle, but I'd had it before so it was't unexpected.   

Q. What kept you motivated during the marathon, especially in the later stages when fatigue may have set in? 

A. My son waiting for me at the Finish Line my wife & other son sending voice notes and the crowd were just amazing strangers calling out your name giving you that boost to keep going.   

Q. Can you share any memorable moments or highlights from the race? 

A. The crowds, the sights, seeing family on the route cheering you on.   

Q. How does it feel to have completed the marathon and achieved your fundraising goal? 

A. Absolutely amazing I am so happy I could get through it for all those that have been generous enough to give something to the Charity. 

Q. What message would you like to share with others who are considering running for hen You Wish Upon a Star in the future?

A. Do it, I know I am biased towards the charity with Auntie Barbara but the work they do and how they are helping these children it's absolutely worth it. And to run the London marathon is a once in a lifetime event for most people so why not do it for such a great cause. 

Q. Lastly, what impact do you hope your fundraising efforts will have on the charity and the Wish children we support?

A. I really hope my fundraising will go towards making children's wishes come true.

Did you know that less than 1% of people worldwide will take part in a marathon? Embark on something extraordinary with When You Wish Upon a Star. We offer many free charity spaces to a wide range of events, from marathons and fun runs to skydiving, mountain climbs, arctic treks, and more. There's an opportunity for everyone, regardless of age or ability. Step up and be part of something truly incredible. Our Fundraising Team will be there support you throughout your fundraising journey.

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