3rd September 2013

Christie's Wish

We were approached by Christie’s mum, Leisa, in May 2012 to make Christie’s dream come true to take her and her family to Disneyland, Florida in August 2013.

As well as mum and dad, Christie has three siblings in her family – Lewis, Sadie and Holly, who were also hoping to share in her wish.


Recently back from Florida, her mum describes their experience:

“This is our little miracle. Christie was diagnosed with an extremely rare and life limiting disease at the age of 3 months when she ended up in intensive care with medics concerned she wouldn't survive. 5 years on and she's still here- fighting everyday. Our life as a family has changed beyond comprehension and being the youngest of 4 children it has been extremely difficult trying to have some quality of life for us all. This is when 'When You Wish Upon A Star' stepped in. Scooped us off, took us to the most magical place on earth.
What a time we had! It was so fantastic I struggle to find the words to describe the experience. From the virgin plane to the meet and greet to the car, to the villa. The Disney and universal parks. The beaches, the people. We were allowed to re-bond, re-boot and re- evaluate our family unit. And for us, for this family that doesn't know what the future brings that is the most special gift anybody could have given us. Thank you 'When You Wish Upon A Star. It's been a wonderful adventure."
Yours sincerely, The Batkin family (Refreshed and ready to take on the world) xxx