24th November 2017

Annabelles Wish Presentation

"If you keep believing, the dream that you wish will come true"

Princess Annabelle is off to Disneyworld

We love surprises & what a surprise Annabelle got on a very snowy Friday afternoon at school last week

A new supply teacher arrived and who better to have as your teacher than the amazing Princess Belle from the magical kingdom of Wish Upon A Star Entertainment! The lesson of the day was to grant Annabelle her surprise Wish to meet the Princesses at Walt Disney World in Florida and that she only had 6 more sleeps to go....such a magical moment and not only that but Princess Belle invited Belle and friends to join her in her stunning Horse Drawn Carriage from McIndoe Horse Drawn Carriages for a snowy afternoon ride around the kingdom

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Thank you thank you to everyone who was involved in Fridays Wish Presentation

McIndoe Horse Drawn Carriages, Wish Upon A Star Entertainment, the Disney Store & Onthank Primary School you went above and beyond and we can't thank you enough

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We wish Annabelle and her family a wonderful time away together in Florida and we look forward to hearing all about it once they return

We are thrilled to have been in a position to grant Annabelle her Wish and it is only with help from our amazing supporters throughout Scotland that we can continue to grant Wishes.

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Thank you so much for your support

If you are interested in fundraising for a Wish in 2018 please contact the Scotland office we would love to hear from you.

Call - 0131 273 4344 | Email - Scotland@whenyouwish.org.uk

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