2nd March 2012

Megan's Wish

When the North West ‘Wish’ office received a phone call to see if they could help bring a smile back to a very special young lady, and give her a little incentive to speed up her recovery process, the ‘wish team’ knew just the tonic that was required.

Megan’s mum had previously bought tickets to see ‘The Wanted’ at the Liverpool Arena in February, however, would a chance to meet the boys backstage be just the encouragement Megan needed.

Indeed it was.. Megan along with her mum, arrived at the Arena late in the afternoon and as a VIP guest for the day, was treated to a pre-show sound check, and then a chance to meet all the boys backstage for a natter and a few pictures...

Later that evening sitting in her seat now, as the boys take to the stage.. Megan has the biggest smile in the whole Arena on her face, knowing that none of the fans around her would have any clue, where, or with whom she had just spent the last few hours with...

The Wanted