12th July 2018

James' Wish

What else can we say?

Good Morning When you wish upon a star,

I’ve sat down to write this thank you letter several times over and I still don’t know how to put it all into words. If I could splatter my emotions on the page I think that would go some way to convey my gratitude with the magnitude I feel you deserve. I guess our journey started when you granted James’s wish to Florida. The wish would be about having fun but more importantly to make memories that will last a life time, especially for me

The trip has been breathtaking the villa, compassion partners, the parks and not forgetting Walmart. Never has my son been so excited to shop! Trying to convince him that the dreary weekly Asda shop is just as good will be a greater challenge.  Some how a simple Thank you seems to be woefully inadequate. The wish team have been kind, caring, thoughtful, generous the list could go on and on with platitudes but once again I feel they fall short of describing what an awesome charity you really are. To the millions of people that donate every year I just want them to know that no matter how small or large a donation they make, for two weeks this Summer they gave my son and I some memories that we can cherish forever. I can hold them close to my heart for the rest of my life.  James has been through some challenging times (with more to come) and life can be a huge struggle with invasive treatments at home/hospital and continuous medical appointments. Our day to day life can be emotionally exhausting and some days I feel like I have a dark cloud looming over me. However, This year will be a year to remember, for one simple reason, other people’s generosity has sprinkled magic into our lives. Positive memories filled with heart bursting moments, laughter, screaming, jumping up and down as I’m meeting Chewbaccka from Star Wars and not forgetting the odd (actually quite a few) swear words whilst riding the various, white knuckled roller coasters!  I guess in essence I’m trying to say thank you to when you wish upon a star for making us so happy and giving us a reason to smile.  Next time the going gets tough, we can remember this trip and know that there’s always a reason to fight on. Sometimes, just sometimes right out of no where comes an opportunity you weren’t expecting, oh my gosh what an opportunity this was!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my son smile beyond my wildest dream.

We love you all.

Sarah Thornhill

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